Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Lib Rethinks Feminism

The word "feminism" ceased to be palatable to me after I realized that I had been lied to regarding my so called "right to an abortion", which turned out to be a doorway to all ugliness, an invitation from the culture of death to worship more deeply and more closely at the altar of the one whose aim is to destroy all of God's creation.  My divorce from feminism was final and without regrets.  
Being a wife only served to confirm how feminism handicaps women in relationships, as wives and mothers, with its insistence on the self-aggrandisement of the woman, the habitual stamping of the foot for "what I deserve!".  The one single ingredient that made my marriage finally begin to work is anathema to feminism - that was humility.  I have never needed the "f" word to define my strength, independence or achievement, and I have done what I could to warn off the young women in my arena to the hazards of feminism's braggadocio.
I am curious to read this from the critical liberal pen of Camille Paglia, who has been tracking the "f" movement and its weaknesses as it has morphed over the generations.  Perhaps she sees in Sarah Palin a new way of understanding how women are achieving some of feminism's goals wholly outside of the "feminist movement".  Here is Paglia:
"The next phase of feminism must circle back and reappropriate the ancient persona of the mother -- without losing career ambition or power of assertion. Betty Friedan, who had first attacked the cult of postwar domesticity, had long warned second-wave feminists such as Gloria Steinem about the damaging exclusion of homemakers from their value system. The animus of liberal feminists toward religion must also end (I am speaking as an atheist). Feminism must reexamine all of its assumptions, including its death grip on abortion, if it wishes to survive."
To read the whole piece, go to http://www.salon.com/opinion/paglia/2008/10/08/palin/index1.html.

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